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Our Legacy

Evergreen Consult Hub traces its roots to a passionate vision: bridging the gap between knowledge and action in the world of education. 

Founded on the principles of excellence and empowerment, our rich history embodies a relentless commitment to nurturing educators and fostering growth in educational institutions.

Vision & Mission

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Our vision is to mold skilled, confident, and world-class educators who are recognized and sought after, both locally and internationally. We envision an educational landscape where experience meets expertise, creating unparalleled learning environments.

Our mission is to deploy first-class resources toward the empowerment of teachers and school leaders through training, networking, engagement, and internship, ensuring that every educator is equipped to make a lasting impact.

Meet Our CEO, Barrister (Mrs) Doris Chinedu-Okoro

Born as the child of a dedicated teacher, Doris’s journey in education was destined to be impactful. Though trained as a lawyer, her heart found its true calling in education. Today, she stands as the CEO of Evergreen Group, a conglomerate that has set benchmarks in 21st-century education in South Eastern Nigeria.


Under her visionary leadership, institutions like Evergreen Schools, Evergreen College, and Rosedale Private School have become renowned citadels of learning. But her influence doesn’t stop at institutions. Doris is a beacon for many teachers and school owners, mentoring them through platforms like ECUIP™ and School Owners’ Hangout™.

Outside the classroom, she is a guiding force for parents, offering insights as a parenting and relationship coach through “Essential Nuggets with Doris.” A devout believer in Jesus Christ, Doris serves her community as a preacher, mentor, coach, and president of Sisters’ Fellowship International (SFI), Evergreen Chapter, Enugu.

Her life’s work is a testament to her passion, dedication, and unwavering belief in the power of education.

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